DesignEvo – Free Online Logo Maker

Do you want to get a logo with a professional looking in a few minutes? Do you want to get a logo without any cost? If you do, then DesignEvo is a never-miss-out choice.

DesignEvo logo maker is a free tool to help people make logos in an easy and fast way. It is born to help wide small businesses and startups with its powerful features such as millions of icons, hundreds of fonts, powerful editing tools and various of customizable templates.

How to create a brilliant logo in minutes with DesignEvo?

As DesignEvo is a user-friendly tool that allows even a novice to make brilliant logos easily. You don’t have to spend much effort to get right logos. There are three steps for you to make a perfect logo:

1. Choose from various of templates to get inspirations

There are plenty of well-sized logo templates that cover various of fields. No matter what you need, you can find proper templates to stimulate your inspiration. Or if you just don’t want to start a new logo, you can choose a right template and adjust any element of it and add something necessary, and then you can get a personal logo that meets your need.

2. Millions of icons and fonts are prepared for you

DesignEvo provides you with millions of icons, hundreds of fonts and powerful editing tools to create logos. Everything is prepared well and what you need to do is select. Nothing is difficult.

3. Check logos with Preview feature

Sometimes, you may be not satisfied with your logos on some occasion and the value of preview is important at that time. When you have finished a logo, click the preview button and you’ll know what it looks like in some occasion, including the logo on a T-shirt, logo on a book cover and so on. Thus, you’ll save much effort.


The logo is more and more important for a company and a brand in modern life. To some extent, a good logo can speak for your business and attract a lot of customers for you.

DesignEvo logo maker promises that you can create logos without money and much effort. It can even allow you to make professional logos without any professional design skills. What are you waiting for? Hurry and have a try right now from here.



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